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Gary Jennings – Wikipedia

Feb 16, Isabella rated it it was amazing Shelves: Anyone planning a trip to Mexico should read this cownload. Jun 09, Althea Ann rated it liked it.

Here come my 3 grudges – It’s Easy to Succumb to your own Vision of I don’t condone it, true, and it was gruesome, yes, but there was aztec gary jennings pdf download sort of honesty to it along with a general public consensus.

Dec 23, Joseph rated it really liked it. However, this native goes well beyond the usual recital of ritualistic incantations that fill so many Aztec codices. Mar 04, Szplug rated it really liked it. Jennings details – why contortionists tend to have weak lungs, how animal trainers speak German to their charges because it is the language of command, or what sounds ventriloquists avoid to keep from moving their lips.

Do not read it if you’re actually interested in the Aztecs or if you know about the Aztec culture, because the “so well aztec gary jennings pdf download historical facts are wrong. Jennings served in the Korean War, where he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal- a decoration rarely given to soldier-reporters- and a personal citation by South Korean President Syngman Rhee for his efforts on behalf of war orphans.

Gary Jennings unfolds the story of the overthrow of the Native Mexicans through the voice of an amiable but wry Aztec adventurer named Mixtli. Highly recommended, and best read during a heatwave. There are graphic depictions of human sacrifice and torture, and explicit and illicit sex scenes.

There is something mesmerizing about the world he creates, perhaps because aztec gary jennings pdf download its god hennings is so wantonly cruel.

From the sacrifices to the conquest by the Spaniards, it was quite a thrilling read. Threw it out several times but always picked it out of the trash, tried to sell it at garage sales, my wife threw it out View all 5 comments.

Aztec (novel) – Wikipedia

The Aztec series is my guilty pleasure. She also had this way of shuffling around the office that was pretty unique.

And never put it away until I finished. An Interview with Dr. My criticism would certainly be that his writing is so compelling, and the violence so disturbing, that if it’s not as truthful as it seems, could be an unfair indictment against an entire society. Mixtli’s life is plagued by a succession of reprehensible women: Favorite novel by Gary Jennings? A guide explains, only half in jest: Moreover, enfolded into a disquisition on the prevalence of virginity among 13th-century Venetian women, there is Marco Polo’s speculation that ”the fishermen’s annual catch of discarded infants would seem to indicate a scarcity of ‘good’ Aztec gary jennings pdf download girls.

Gary Jennings did not write for the squeamish. This of course, gives plenty of opportunity for the Spanish priests to comment on how shocking Mixtli’s doings are — in case the reader hadn’t noticed.

Es agradable ver el mundo azteca de nuevo con sus costumbres, olores y sabores. It is a story told in the words of one of the most “robust” and memorable characters in modern fiction. aztec gary jennings pdf download

Jul 02, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: I cannot read through a passage that graphically talks about how a kid was moving his ass to pleasure a guy. That said, I cannot aztec gary jennings pdf download that the book was entertaining all the way through This was The One World. The remaining three novels were written by other authors after Jennings died in A complete enigma to me; massive genius. A flowery death is a fairly quick thing, unlike being burned at the stake, regardless of the things done to the body after the aztec gary jennings pdf download.

Here is the “extraordinary” story of the last and “greatest” native civilization axtec North America, at the “height” of its “magnificent” sic. Judith Matloff observed in the Saturday Review: Fans of Detailed, Epic, Historical Fiction.

She was astounded by the gift, as was my father. Because of these, to be honest, I refuse to read any of his other stories. He was so masterful with his settings and characters, and so knowledgeable of his subjects that for the duration of aztec gary jennings pdf download book, the reader feels out of place in his own world. After such a time-investment, one might like to feel a sense of literary accomplishment or something — but no.

If you like a soft story where brutal or sexual things are only implied and everyone has a happy ending, this one is not aztec gary jennings pdf download you.

Gary Jennings

He spares us nothing, I mean, absolutely nothing. I guess the point that I’m trying to make here is that a great function this book performed for me was helping me eliminate more of my own xenophobia for the Aztec people. I find it apropos to quote the GR summary of the book to give you a basic outline of what you might expect to find “under the covers” of this aztec gary jennings pdf download.

Preview — Aztec by Gary Jennings. Apr 28, Ms. View all 44 comments. I only finished it because I have completion issues. The next year at Christmas jfnnings gave me the book back, but by that time it had gone through at least six pairs of hands. Well, two months later I can look back on this as a time travel trip well this review from my website Aztec gary jennings pdf download Despite the fixation most people have on the human sacrifices which, I mean, is obviously understandable these people had jsnnings beauty and nobility to their culture as well as a complicated and long-developed tradition in law, custom, warfare, religion and all that stuff.

No misunderstandings are possible, and he treats the most controversial subjects with confidence.