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View all 53 comments. I was under the impression with the amount of money at his disposal, this would not be that difficult.

Beauty Series by Georgia Cates

When, he finally does find her, he doesn’t know if she will choose him, or the rising musical career that she has made for herself while they were apart.

How will they be able to sort out their feelings and find their way back to each other?

It’s a huge risk to give up all her hard work for a guy who, a few months ago, only had short term, no-strings-attached agreements. What Didn’t quite downloqd I do beauty from surrender georgia cates pdf download the author’s writing style, and I’d gladly read another book from her in the future. Jack Henry georga Laurelyn are fantastic together, and the passion and intense connection between them leaps off the page. I totally thought that was weird, not sexy.

The dialogues felt forced.

Beauty from Surrender (Beauty) PDF Book Free Download (277 pages)

Passionate and exciting this is a nice conclusion to Jack and Laurelyn’s story about love and surrender. I read ssurrender entire book all in one night. Jack Henry alone makes it perfect but the story and characters keep getting better as well.

It was an issue, but not a BIG issue, so the drama didn’t feel like it had any real urgency – it just fell kind of flat. Return to Book Page. I absolutely loved Beauty From Pain.

Beauty from Surrender (Beauty Series #2)

But in the meantime, I am very content with everything exactly as it is. In this second installment she grated on my nerves with her indecisiveness and wishy washy attitude.

And don’t even argue that the main conflict in this book was Jack vs. I love you infinitely.

She refuses to be a walkover and tells him to shove it! Can his family be any better? Devastated and miserable, Jack Henry is broken. I’ll wait for you as long as it takes, and you can come to me after you ‘ve had enough of this life I would personally say thats a no-brainer I would go with you, Jack Henry- no questions asked!

I was ready to love this book. Another psycho kinda-ex drama pxf kinda-seperation Beauty from surrender georgia cates pdf download ever after There are a couple more story plot lines like Laurelyn’s parents and another guy in love with her.

I get that she had a career that’s she worked hard for.

A few months here. Like that woman who confronted Laurelyn in the washroom bathroom and thought that it was appropriate to “warn” her of Jack’s propositioning ways.

This book continues after we were yeorgia left hanging in Beauty from pain. Determined to find a distraction from the pain of losing Jack Henry, she immerses beauty from surrender georgia cates pdf download in her music. But, huge BUT and the beauty from surrender georgia cates pdf download behind my lower than expected rating The book was well written and it had the ‘nice’ factor, rather than the ‘wow’ factor, so i didn’t feel wrapped up in the relationship between the surrendr and Unfortunately some of the more intimate scenes had a major cringe factor for me, two words – DYSON VACUUM.

While there were parts of this book that made my heart ache such as their separation, I found most of it a little tedious.