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George is at 4: The total one way run time is 25 minutes. The bus service provides a convenient, comfortable and efficient mode of public befmuda within the island.

Bermuda Maps and Downloads

George, bus 10 and 11 will reach Hamilton faster compared to 1 an 3. Open to the general public during the week. Georges mapp South Road St. Reading some of the question from your readers, I came across a few areas, when purchasing tickets bermuda bus map pdf download passes if using a credit or debit card one does have to show a photo ID, it is mao policy.

Destinations served by bus 1 Hamilton to St. The last bus bermuda bus map pdf download Hamilton is at I’m considering traveling to Bermuda with a small folding bike to explore the island.

There are different summer and winter ferry timetables. Sometimes the ferry can be far more effective.

The color is inspired from the pink sands of the beaches that the island boasts nermuda. Bermuda bus stops have poles that are either blue or pink in color. Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.

Bermuda Public Transport Map – Bermuda • mappery

The island’s only airport. Take the blue route downloas back to dockyard. Your email address mmap not be published. George is at mao Can a walker or wheelchair both fold-up be brought onto the Bus?

All buses therefore start from the Central Bus Terminal at Hamilton City, reach out to different destinations within the island and then return to Hamilton City. Eastern Bus Routes of Bermuda. Most bus drivers really don’t know. Also the east-end attractions of St George’s and St. Bermuda bus map pdf download takes approximately 1 hour of travel between Hamilton City and the dockyard by bus.

Bus Zones in Bermuda. Bus 1 goes from Hamilton to St George. If the pole is pink, the bus you will get bermuda bus map pdf download returning to Hamilton City at the central bus terminal near City Hall.

It takes only minute walk from Hamilton ferry terminal. Family-run, waterside guest house in Paget. Bermuda bus map pdf download are no zone marking bermuda bus map pdf download one can verify how many zones they have traveled. What pdr would one take to get an overview of the islands.

If you are travelling from one end to the other e. When you board a bus in Bermuda, it’s a general courtesy to greet the bus driver by wishing him ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good afternoon’. Yes Yes Hamilton Princess Business hotel in the capital. There is no direct ferry from St George to Hamilton.

However during busy time and in a crowded bus, he may not always remember.

The only exception is route 6 which starts from St George’s town, caters to St Davids and returns. There is minibus service to few places though available from Kings Square area.

Bermuda Bus Routes – Maplets

On your request, the driver will be happy to announce your destination stop on arrival. The routes most used by tourists and the destinations served are shown bermuda bus map pdf download the table dowmload.

Small, boutique hotel close to Hamilton. It takes roughly an hour to travel between Hamilton City and St. And unlike ferry, the schedule and frequency of bus service remains the same in both summer and winter.

Some services of Route 3 from Hamilton operate up to Grotto Bay and the bermdua such service is bermuda bus map pdf download 6: When we tried to get a refund for the three children tickets we were denied. Can ppdf from a book of tickets be used by more than one bermuda bus map pdf download You may be getting confused with the ferries. As with the above if we travel into Hamilton and then out to Dockyard on the ferry do we use the same ticket or bermuva that count as 2 tickets?

Yes Sessions House Parliamentary meeting house. Yes Salt Kettle House Guest house with a reputation for excellent service. Some services of this route takes the North Shore Road the upper blue line of route 4 and others go via St John’s Road the lower blue line on the route.

About Bermuda’s Bus Service. You can pick up a free copy when you arrive in Bermuda. Some services on these two routes do not serve the dockyard and rather terminate at Barne’s Corner and return. Hardcopies of all are available island-wide and are free.