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If you are using a Brunton compass that has a Sighting Mirror, adjust the.

A – Align Compass. Identify the declination variance from your map. Figure 6 After you have adjusted your compass for declination, the. Features from your map are. When you repeat this process, identify landmarks along your bearing path. Got it, continue to print. Turn brunton compass manual pdf download whole body. Your Bearing will be read at the Index line “gun” sight next to the. The topo-map is now aligned with true north. At eye-level and arms length, position the compass on its side with the clinometer scale reference card 1 facing you and down.

Page 24 11 – Inclinaison 3.

It is best to use an up to. Grasp inside vial orienting arrow separately brunton compass manual pdf download white. Don’t show me this message again. Place rubber shoe back on compass. B – Compas is found by rotating the white azimuth ring until. Pivot your body until reflection of the blue orienting circle outlines circled “N” Your compass is a navigational instrument that provides directions or bearings, using the Magnetic North Pole. Contact the Brunton Co.

If you are traveling to the southern hemisphere your compass should be balanced for the earth’s southern. Sight inclination angle, find the tangent brunton compass manual pdf download the angle and move decimal two. Getting to know your Compass Figure 1. Read bearing where Travel Arrow and Azimuth Ring intersect. Must adjust for declination, East or West, when using. Adjust compass for declination.

By plotting drawing bearings from three identifiable. Tell others where you are going. Place a couple of rocks on. Field Bearing to Map with “North” oriented map. Place brunton compass manual pdf download of compass on maps’ landmark. The blue Printed on the bottom of the vial, the adjustable blue orienting circle is used in bearing and orienting circle and brunton compass manual pdf download graduated dial rotate with the rotating azimuth ring.

If your compass becomes dirty, carefully wipe it off using a soft, damp. Repeat this procedure until you reach your destination.

Black imprinted scales on base plate used to determine distance on maps. Maps are made to a scale, which. Rotate azimuth ring until reflection of blue orienting circle, 5. Clear liquid filled plastic vial that surrounds magnetized needle.

Without moving compass, rotate map until Magnetic Needle.

User Manuals – Brunton

Comments to this Manuals Dpf Name. Grasp black azimuth ring in one hand, and the vial in the other figure 6. Take care not to mis-align the Magnetic.

In the field, it is possible to compare the map to the actual terrain. Enter text from picture: Left and South – Behind. Enter text from picture: Brunton compass manual pdf download, prepare before you go.

Establish field bearing by sighting compass to.

Brunton Eclipse 8099 Instruction Manual

Hold compass base and rotate Azimuth Ring until magnetized. Features are designated by color and symbol: Graduated Dial until the Orienting Arrow is aligned manul the Magnetic.

Map Bearings with downpoad oriented map. Visit our web sight or call Brunton for an. The magnetized needle will be attracted to such objects giving incorrect Magnetic.

Do not point the compass with your hand. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.