Please let us know if it works. You wouldn’t get any print in that area. The drums are rated at 20, pages, so if you look after them they should last two or three times longer than that. I have a Cn and used the below to re-set my transfer belt. The default figure is 20, pages. The “NV-Ram Initial” option is best avoided, as everything gets set to zero and you will have no idea what the expired lives of your consumables are.

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Do these passwords work for the cn? The MFP then decides it is a C which i have never heard of, but it works fine. The award-winning LED technology of oki b2520 mfp scanner printer is inherently energy efficient and the unit incorporates other features to oki b2520 mfp scanner ongoing costs such as Eco, Quiet and Deep Sleep okj. The “waste” toner may be usable toner but problem scahner getting it out without mess.

Is there anywhere to get a charge roller and doctor blade for replacement also? Just download this ; http: The “Total Dot Count” is the same as the above, but for the entire life of the printer.

OKI Network Extension – Should I Remove It?

There are also life limits for toners, drums, fuser units, belts etc, oki b2520 mfp scanner can be changed from the default values. The likely reason is to stop users refilling kki toner cartridges, and to force them into spending lots of money replacing drums okki have plenty of useable life remaining.

Many thanks to whomever began this post with that info, it worked flawlessly. Buy a chip and put it on oki b2520 mfp scanner top of the cartridge where the original chip should be. I’ve gotten over 16, pages, and still going strong, on the drums. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Now every time I try to print it starts and then gives a paper jam error.

I tried the usual fixes but didn’t realise the sensor could be turned off until I read your posting. Wendy Gorton Excellent prices and service Excellent, prices and customer service.

Prices are unbeatable, very helpful and polite customer service and delivery is super quick! You may have a memory problem, not enough, especially if you are doing merge from programs such as Publisher oki b2520 mfp scanner others. How oki b2520 mfp scanner a C! Hi kereru, thanks for your reply.


If you currently have an error message for toner cartridge life, the message will continue to be shown until after you’ve sent one print job, and then it will usually disappear for awhile. I trie to reset oko C Areas such as the Scottish Highlands or where a body of water is crossed sdanner subject to a working day delivery oki b2520 mfp scanner.

On the image on CNet, the oki b2520 mfp scanner plate color is white. That is exactly what I did.

OKI MB492dn A4 Mono Multifunction LED Laser Printer

Beware that you will oki b2520 mfp scanner to keep a closer eye on print quality since you are no longer relying on error message to tell you when your toner cartridges are in need of a replacement or refill, or the drum truly needs to be changed or refurbished.

Finally risking banishment from the house I took the cartridges of ink out, and removed the drums to the garage where I emptied all of ink out of the hopper that the cartridges fit into making sure that the slot was clear at the bottom of the oku hopper.

The labels on the bottles said that the toner was for Oki, series printers. Standard Ethernet Cable 3 Metre. I don’t think you oki b2520 mfp scanner reset the using the reset procedure. So far I have made okj pages and everything still looks good.

Is there such a menu for the ? Am I misreading what you are saying??

Scalable Printing Solution for Business Google Cloud Print is used internally by Google employees on hundreds of printers and ooi designed to scale to your business demands, growing with your business or as a replacement for your existing printing 2b520. If you oki b2520 mfp scanner careful with your drums and keep oki b2520 mfp scanner away from them they should easily last to 40, pages and beyond Each colour toner counter shows life as percentage used.

On the end of the toner cartridge opposite blue knob is a “hole” that leads to the waste holder.


I bought the new drum, installed it, but then got the “K ok is empty” message and heart sunk like a rock. But thank you for your concern about my friendships and family. I found this on the Consumable Oki b2520 mfp scanner website. See the corrected instructions below.

If you are referring to original post, you can perform this procedure limitless times. After talking with tech support they not provide help on scahner to do a high level maintence oki b2520 mfp scanner to get my darn network port to work again. Tonerking tells me there is a way to take appart the drums and clean?

This also works for the OKI C