These are 45, degree polarizers. This is great when trying to detect the orientation of polarized filters and polarized glasses. These are the glasses used for the “I love the 80’s! Circular Glass Polarized 6 x 6 squares pair. Gunnar and Texel 3d Glasses Berezin Stereo is proud to be the sole distributor of these Gunnar brands of designer circularly polarized 3D glasses. Standard lenses are recommended for use with printed images, books, magazines and brochures, while High Definition lenses are suggested for viewing computer graphics, video, TV, film or distance viewing applications.

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Anachrome Everything Glasses 36 or more each. Proview 568 Glass Polarized 8 x 8 squares pair. Limited quantities are available. Actual size is 4 inches long. Scott TV, proview 568,,,, These are identical to the glasses you get in the Real D theatres. These are two 2 plastic backed polarizing filters 0. They are specially matched for use in stereo projection.

Proview 568 is a protocol that provides privacy and data security between two communicating applications, like web browsers and web servers. Excellent for anaglyph 3-D art already in print. Please cover the entire surface of the filter with the projected light to eliminate hot spots.

JC Penney TV,,,,,,,, For projectors proview 568 larger, long throw or zoom lenses we offer 4″ x 4″ polarizers, 5″ proview 568 5″ and 6″ x 6″.

Teknika TV,,,,,, prkview,, Heat absorbing glass 4 x 4 squares pair. Optical proview 568, cast acrylic lenses tinted proview 568 exacting color standards.

For circular polarized RealD glasses click here. ProView Anaglyph Glasses Each.

The Ultimate 3D glasses also proview 568 be used as Pulfrich glasses. There are two types of lenses available: Emerson TV,,, 586,,,,,, Circular polarized 3D glasses provoew specifically for the StereoGraphics Z-Screen and some 3-D digital projection systems. Same as above but specifically for Magenta Green anaglyph applications. Proview 568 eliminates ghost images and other annoying visual distortions. They are also much better quality than the 3D glasses that the RealD 3D cinemas pass out!

These glasses are not for Real D applications or applications progiew our circular polarizers. It also has a foldable head piece that helps to keep it orientated properly on the head.

Outdated browser We have detected that you are running an proview 568 browser with security vulnerabilities.

Lenses are proview 568 hybrid color cross between blue and cyan. Perfect for 3D viewing of projected stereo movies or images.

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The axis orientation is indicated proview 568 it becomes its darkest. Elenco codici telecomandi tv 1. Also available in circular see below. Cardboard Anaglyph Cards Red Green proview 568 Perfect for direct mail campaigns, binding into publications and for in-pack and on-pack promotions. Please contact us with questions or comments about this web site.

These are the only glasses that will work with these DVDs. Does not proview 568 up. Same high quality as above in a clip-on format. These are linear polarized. Anachrome Everything Glasses 1.

Even smaller than our anaglyph cards these are proview 568 use when space is a premium. Berezin Stereo is proud to be the sole distributor of these Gunnar brands of designer circularly polarized 3D glasses. Terminator style Circular polarized 3D glasses.

Jumbo Plastic Polarized Proview 568 Why is it important to upgrade your browser? Plastic Circular Polarized Glasses 1.

These have high style and tell people you proview 568 serious about your 3D! Similar to above without temples. EMERSON TV