I got mine with the RC Copter same design like yours. That might be why the chinese manufacturers made a shorter distance. The design of the charger you took apart is electrically sound from an engineering point. This charger just shorted the two data pins together, indicating a generic USB charger. Any thoughts on this charger of mine? I’ve read suggestions that the house wiring might have been to blame, but since chargers are typically ungrounded I don’t see how faulty house wiring would play a role. An auxiliary transformer winding tracks the secondary output, and this is used for feedback.

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There’s volts DC inside the charger, which is enough to kill. They include a Y capacitor. That looks like a really poor charger, but at least they paid attention to safety.

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The charger circuit looks pretty minimal, but I’ve seen worse. Needless to st lab usb to vga adapter, these Chinese products are dangerous and worthless.

Seeing the schematics I thought at first, that the XFMR was right before the rectifier but it looks like its a filter??

I’ve read suggestions that the isb wiring might have been to blame, but since chargers are typically ungrounded I don’t see how faulty house wiring would play a role.

You can step down first and then rectify, which is what the older big wall-wart power supplies do. Let’s educate people – and use correct terminology for this – Creepages and clearances. In response to rpi4all’s rather unscientific assertion. adqpter

Yes I know it is fake, but it does have a full bridge rectifier and a A power BJT in a TO package st lab usb to vga adapter heat dissipation maybe? It’s not just old TVs. I bought a “cheap” Mac book magnasafe from Extreme Deal. In reference to the “feedback winding”, it’s the same kind of triple insulated wire Apple uses. N photo QTY. Since then I am afraid to connect my copter battery to USB charger but after reading your article, I understand it was due to charger not the battery.

I should have understood that a charger for only a little over kr was way to cheap and now my dollar iphone is dead:. I found this page after my mate bought me a crappy blackberry charger and it blew up, but luckily it triggered the circuit breaker in my office. Thank you OP for the awesome and outstanding detailed article.

Thanks for this info. Old TVs also used resistors and capacitors. Can’t speak for Samsung or the rest of the “I’m too cheap to buy quality” products, but Apple margins certainly support the extra tests.

The values a circuit needs to meet are determined according to the standard used for assessing the product, and can vary between 3. However, there is no Y-cap, fuse or MCU.

I forgot to say: Why not step it down immediately and then rectify if VDC is can kill? FireSight water-cooled systems provide the same features and reliable performance as air cooled st lab usb to vga adapter for higher temperature applications or for installations where compressed air cooling might be less desirable. If you have any questions about any of our pH meters please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for further guidance.

Thermo Nicolet spectrometers are designed to produce the highest performance spectral data for a wide variety of Fourier transform spectroscopic applications. An Apple charger blew st lab usb to vga adapter on me yesterday. Adatper way is by good circuit design, separation and ensuring you meet the requirements for reinforced insulation at the output with regards to the mains input, use good quality certified X and Y grade caps where appropriate, certified opto-couplers meeting safety standards.

Combining excellent quality with an affordable price, the Yellow Springs Cell Constant 0. There is alot to circuit design, and safety testing, and many. Stay away from this piece of crap!!! Not just cheap adapters do it. The limits are small. Inside a fake iPhone charger.

This is NOT a constant current, then constant voltage charging system, which is recommended for charging Li-ion batteries. Both of st lab usb to vga adapter options are perfectly safe assuming the transformer isn’t junk as long as lan equipment receiving the power either does it’s own regulation or doesn’t need it anyways. The switch on surge at V was probably more than it was designed to handle.

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Thank you so much! I took it apart, it was an “official” apple logo mangasafe with junk inside.

I took the offending charger apart and it defintely does not look the Apple insides. An auxiliary transformer winding tracks the secondary output, and this is used for feedback.

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JPG To see a picture of this lab equ. It could also be linear, but that’s far less likely nowadays. It fried lah mother boards of two Macbooks. I have ordered new chargers from Apple and throw out generic ones.