If I use the print screen function to take a screen shot. I think it is the switch but, I would like your opinion. It can sometimes flicker and other times it will stay on longer, if anyone could help I would be very grateful. I also hook my laptop to an external monitor and the image was good so i know is not the Video Card. If replacing motherboard, can it be upgraded to C board and P4 processor? I have the new DC Jack part. Can you give me any help in how to get the old part to remove and replace it?

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I found the Dell diagnostic disk and ran the video tests.

Took apart the lcd housing, and put it back again, but to no avail. As of a couple days ago, it appears to have become a permanent condition. After soldering all pins for certainty everything is O. This trick worked perfect on a Toshiba Satellite Toshiba satellite m45-s2692 had.

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Let me send a pic to you and maybe you can tel me how to fix. Just wanted to get some feedback toshiba satellite m45-s2692 I go spending on one.

First of all, test the laptop with an external screen. Sounds like a bad screen to me. The screen was obviously cracked. I took the laptop apart and checked every wire in the cable going to the display and could not find any problems with the cable. Alan Barton March 27, After toshiba satellite m45-s2692 the great info on this site it seems a my screen has gone bad.

As well, thsi problem occurs from start up just like post I have a Pro-Star When you press on the power button, the toshiba satellite m45-s2692 makes a series or short and long beeps and will not start up.

How I fixed memory slot failure

I had to drop down resolution to xga satellitr that I can read any text seen on display. I tried to change the brightness with Alt F7, Toshiba satellite m45-s2692, but in any case the screen is very difficult to look at… Tosyiba suggestion? The left portion of the screen works fine. Are you sure the new screen is in a good working condition? Have you tried to reseat the video cable on the motherboard?

Anyone got any ideas? The difference is that bending toshiba satellite m45-s2692 screen does not make the image appear. In this case the laptop will see only 1GB installed.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

The laptop is about 18 months old. I want repair my LCD monitor, any help is appreciated. May God bless ur toshiba satellite m45-s2692 Matt G, Look inside the video connector on the motherboard, make sure you have toshiba satellite m45-s2692 bent pins inside the connector. I see an external monitor on the background. I guess genius things can sometimes be very very simple: This site is very interesting.

When I touch these toshina cables, screen remains correct but some colors may disapear.

What I need to replace to my laptop work toshiba satellite m45-s2692 again? After that you reboot the laptop again and after it starts from the recovery disc, you just follow instructions on the screen.

Thanks for your help! I couldnt use the external monitor so we sent it in for warranty to use the external display.

They send it back stating they could reproduce the issue and fixed it. I have two Dell D laptops toshiba satellite m45-s2692 the same defective memory slot problem. Sounds like a problem with the LCD screen. Is this likely to be a cost efficient repair? But from my experience this kind of ttoshiba on Satellite A laptops is caused by faulty system board.